In many cultures, it is believed that there are energy centers throughout the body called chakras. Each of these sits in a specific spot, and corresponds to different aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. If a chakra becomes blocked or unbalanced, you may begin to experience physical and mental side-effects.

This special series (2021) focused on the Chakras with Affirmations and Sound Healing links for each Chakra. It was part of the weekly Distant Healing for Sisterhood of the Moon. 

See my post about the weekly Distant Healing at:
Distant Healing Tuesday



We begin with some Aura Cleansing then a grounding with the Root Chakra (next week). 
 Do these two before you begin each time you work with chakras.
 As usual, find yourself a comfortable spot, take some centering breaths and begin by focusing your attention on the area of the chakra/aura.


Please feel free to create your own Chakra Affirmations if these do not resonate.
 Visualize that chakra color flowing into your chakra space as you repeat your affirmations. Focus on it using your breath.

 We’ll begin with a basic aura cleansing. Pick a color you like and infuse it within your aura, all around, using a spiral from below your feet to above your head. Imagine this vibratory energy of color cleansing your aura as it goes along the spiral.
 You may use any aura cleansing technique you like.

 Aura Cleansing Affirmations
  I’m cleansing my aura of all past hurts and all future worries.
  My aura welcomes all energies of good will.
  My aura affirms that I AM a sovereign being, Queen of Myself. 

Sound Healing Music for Aura Cleanse
 Here is a link to a sound healing you can use to work with your aura cleansing and as preparation for chakra work.

 ~~~Aura Cleansing & Boost Positive Energy (432Hz) - Balance All Chakras | Chakra Healing
 BY:  Good Vibes - Binaural Beats



 The Root Chakra’s main issue is survival.
 The first chakra, the root chakra calls into action our right ”to have.”
 ***  I am grounded in the Earth Mother.
 ***  I am connected every day to Nature;  MA, roots!
 ***  I make healthy choices.

 Imagine bringing a beautiful RED frequency vibration into your root Chakra. 

Sound Healing Music for ROOT CHAKRA along with SACRAL CHAKRA  (next week):

 ~~~ROOT and SACRAL Combined Tuning/Balancing
 Taos Winds Spirit Music


 The main psychic issues the second chakra affects are one’s emotions and sexuality.
 The corresponding personal right of the second or sacral is “to feel.”
 ***  It is my right to be joyful and find pleasure.
 ***  I am comfortable with my sexuality.
 ***  I value and respect my body.

Imagine bringing a beautiful ORANGE frequency vibration into your Sacral Chakra.

 Sound Healing Music:  Use the same sound healing from last week
 ~~~ROOT and SACRAL Combined Tuning/Balancing
 Taos Winds Spirit Music



 Moving on to the Solar Plexus and then the Heart Chakras... there is a basic tenet of some flavors of The Craft about “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” This was never meant as a totally self-centered, hedonistic way. It is the combination of Solar Plexus (Will) and Heart (Love) that makes a witch.

 The main corresponding psychic issue of the third chakra or solar plexus is that of personal power and the right to act.
 ***  I am the architect of my life.
 ***  My strength and power support me.
 ***  I know what’s best for me.
Imagine bringing a beautiful YELLOW frequency vibration into your Solar Plexus Chakra.
Sound Healing Music for Solar Plexus Chakra:
 ~~~SUN Gazing ☼ Solar Plexus Attunement: Balance Emotions
 The Sound Alchemist
 ~~~Sun Ray - Wind Chimes Meditation - Solar Plexus Chakra

 RE Root + Sacral + Solar Plexus Sound Healing:
 “LOWER” CHAKRAS HEALING MEDITATION MUSIC | Raise Self Confidence & Energy |
 Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus    
 The idea that we should move through the “lower” first 3 chakras, striving to attain living in the “upper” chakras has never been my way. The chakras are about being in balance, within each chakra and among all chakras.

 As Witches, we do not deny aspects of living on Earth, in our bodies.
 ~~~This meditation music focuses on the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras:



It is the combination of Solar Plexus (Will) and Heart (Love) that makes a witch.

The main psychic issues corresponding to the heart chakra are relationships, empathy and love
the right to love openly and be loved.

*** I am open to give and receive love.
*** I live in balance and peace, at one with nature.
*** I love and accept myself, unconditionally.

I call upon Goddess to illuminate my heart with love today.

Imagine bringing a beautiful GREEN frequency vibration into your Heart Chakra.

from Goddess Light

Have that clear intention that you are allowing the flow and the conscious light, and the conscious love as it moves through you. This is self-love. This is opening to the flow of your Divinity….
Self-love is the release of judgment, the release of expectations, it’s the release of feeling not good enough. Open your heart. Open every aspect of yourself and let the flow of love be within you.

Sound Healing Music for Heart Chakra:

~~Heart Chakra Meditation: associate with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, compassion & joy
Nu Meditation Music

~~Mystical Forest Cavern ✧ 639Hz + 852Hz ✧ Embrace Love + Let Go of Overthinking and Worries
Meditative Mind

~~Reiki Music, Energy Healing, Nature Sounds, Zen Meditation, Positive Energy, Healing Music
Music for body and spirit – Meditation music



The main psychic issues for the fifth chakra are communication, self-discipline and expression, truthfulness,
the right to speak.

*** I easily and freely express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
**** I live an authentic life and have integrity.
*** I share my experiences and wisdom with others.

Imagine bringing a beautiful BLUE frequency vibration into your Throat Chakra.

From Loner
Inner Work: Communication is our capacity to express our thoughts and feelings to others in an open, confident, and respectful way. There are two types of communication: open communication and closed communication. Open communication is a mature form of interaction that encourages cooperation, negotiation, and understanding. Closed communication, on the other hand, is an immature form of interaction that promotes self-centeredness, misunderstanding, and blame. This week you’re being called to focus on communication which is a throat chakra issue. In what ways are you withholding your truth from others? If you’re struggling to be assertive, now is the time to practice standing your ground and valuing your boundaries. Remember that being assertive isn’t the same as being aggressive. Aggression is also a common communication issue, and it stems from fear and an inability to put ourselves in the shoes of others. Be mindful of how you communicate with others for it is a reflection of how you speak to yourself.

Sound Healing Music for Throat Chakra

Singing or chanting is Throat Chakra healing. Mantras hold sacred vibrational frequency that connects you to your essence.
Om Tare Tuttare ——


Cleanse Aura ➤ Dissolve Toxins ➤ Power of Self-Expression, Awakening Intuition

HEAL THROAT CHAKRA | Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls Sounds

741Hz Throat Chakra – Let Go Of Mental Blockages ➤ Boost Positive & Creative Energy Music

^^^ I do not consent to the “new normal.” ^^^^^ – March 2021

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The main psychic issues corresponding to the sixth chakra are mental clarity, sharp intellect, and the ability to “see” clearly.
The right to see.

***** I am in alignment with my vision.
***** I am in touch with my inner guidance.
***** I receive divine wisdom through my dreams.

Imagine bringing a beautiful INDIGO frequency vibration into your Brow Chakra.

~~~ THIRD EYE INTENTION from Alana Fairchild
>>>i am willing to accurately perceive in whatever life situation is now helpful, for my spiritual growth and creative awakening. i feel empowered to commit to myself and my path, without fear or holding back. i receive this vision through unconditional love. SMIB <<<

Sound Healing ~~ 3RD EYE/Brow Chakra

~~~Psychic Chakra Music: 416Hz Awakening | Slow Trance Drums
Lovemotives Meditation Music

~~~Heaven is in Your Mind – 15 minute Third Eye meditation
Taos Winds Spirit Music

~~~ CRYSTAL Video for 3RD EYE
(it’s a robot voice…)

WEEK #8  CROWN CHAKRA  (violet)


The main psychic issue surrounding the seventh or crown chakra is Spiritual Awakening, the understanding that we are not physical, but rather eternal Spiritual beings in temporary physical form.
The corresponding right is the right to know.

***** I am deeply connected to the sacred energy of the divine feminine.
***** I know my sovereign divinity and my limitless power.
***** I AM living in the present moment.

Imagine bringing a beautiful VIOLET frequency into your Crown Chakra.


Sound Healing ~~ CROWN CHAKRA

Taos Winds Spirit Music

~~~CROWN CHAKRA HEALING Hang Drum Music || Kundalini Awakening Music || Powerful Positive Vibes

~~~ASCENSION of the GODDESS – Feel Her Rise Up Within You (Total Energy Balancing/Tuning/Healing)


“Our immune systems have thousands of years of evolution behind them. We can adapt without unnecessary experimental drugs.”

— Dr. Mercola

Meditations on The Earth’s Chakras


Working with the Earth Chakras is an extension of Crown Chakra and Spiritual Awakening, the understanding that we are eternal Spiritual beings in temporary physical form connected to Gaia.
We are moving beyond mass consciousness.

*** I am deeply connected to the sacred energy of Gaia.
*** I intend that this healing for Gaia extends to all humans and plant, animal and mineral kingdoms of Earth.
*** I AM living in the present moment, in harmony with Gaia.

Imagine surrounding Earth with a beautiful RAINBOW frequency, touching briefly upon each of the Earth Chakra Locations.

Take a breath and connect your personal Root Chakra to the Earth Root Chakra, then your Sacral to Earth Sacral, etc.

We’ll be using the following configuration of Earth’s Chakras. Most lists you find will be very close to this one. I encourage you to look Earth Chakras up for yourself.

Chakras do not just exist in our bodies, though. They exist on our planet, too. These Earth chakras, which are major power points of the planet, mimic the chakra points in our bodies. Therefore, it is believed that when we spend time in these places, the frequency of the energy in our bodies becomes aligned with the energy of the chakras, resulting in a powerful spiritual experience. by Kristin

Each of the 7 key chakra points are represented by a different physical location on the planet. They are:

Root Chakra — Mount Shasta, California USA. Associated with our foundational strength, stability and safety as well as the stress response.

Sacral Chakra — Lake Titicaca, on the Border of Bolivia & Peru. Associated with sexuality, emotional balance, self-respect and creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra — Uluru (Ayers Rock) & The Olgas, Australia. Associated with energy, purpose, confidence and a sense of inner power.

Heart Chakra — Glastonbury (Stonehenge) & Shaftesbury, England. Associated with love, compassion, giving and forgiving.

Throat Chakra — Great Pyramid, Sphinx & Mount of Olives, Egypt. Associated with communication, self-expression, seeking and speaking the truth.

Third Eye Chakra — No fixed location — Currently at Glastonbury – Shaftesbury, England. Associated with intuition, intelligence and deep spiritual connection.

Crown Chakra — Mount Kailas, Tibet. Associated with the highest levels of wisdom, understanding, divine guidance and cosmic consciousness.

Adapted from  (JAN 2021)
>>>For the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants,we unite in seeding 2021 (and beyond) with a sacred field of intention and blessing for a thriving world for all of Life.​ 
       Together we co-create a collective space for us to reflect how we can realign with our hearts, with each other, and with the intrinsic intelligence and order of Nature. Through rest, deep listening, wisdom sharing and compassionate action we amplify the emerging global culture of peace, health, cooperation and wise governance. <<<         
Sound Healing  
 ***Oneness AWAKEN The Higher Power┇924 Hz Pleiades 💫 5D Meditation Music.

 ***Dance of Life • Relaxing Fantasy Music for Relaxation & Meditation
 by Peder B. Helland

 ***Healing the Earth  (WITH REIKI)

 ***Divine Mother ~ Sacred Earth    
 Aquariel Charm

Today, I am healthy in my body,
Happy in my heart,
Clear in my mind,
Sacred in my souls, Sovereign in my life
And free to be my deepest, highest, most pure self.
Blessed be.
~~~ C. Penczak, from Temple of Witchcraft

BB, Lupa


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