13 Days of Darkness
for Winter Solstice 2010
Prepare to receive the Solar Radiance of the Winter Solstice with this revisioning of the xian advent countdown to 12/25.

Begin 13 days before Winter Solstice; for 2010 that’s WED 12/8.

Ground and center yourself.

Since this is about darkness, don’t light candles.


“ HECATE, today I honor the darkness within. I acknowledge and begin to release my feelings of ______.”

Allow yourself to honor whatever comes up IN THE MOMENT. Keep it focused on ONE WORD such as grief, anger, fear, shame, doubt, unworthiness, victimization, depression, self-loathing, jealousy…

Each day repeat the process, working with whatever comes up in the moment. If one particular feeling comes up more than once, that’s ok. You may even find that you need to work with one particular feeling for the entire 13 days.

Thank Hecate on the 13th day.

On the Winter Solstice, TUES 12/21, exact time Sol enters Cap is 3:34pm PST,  ground and center yourself, light a candle and say:

SEKHMET, I am ready to receive Solar Radiance into my life!

Celebrate both the sun’s rebirth and your own.

[See below for more info about the Solstice Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.]


**********SPECIAL ADDENDUM FOR 2010**************
Be advised that on 12/ 21 there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 12:17am PST.

Here’s info from:


Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010
The last lunar eclipse of 2010 is especially well placed for observers throughout North America. (…) At the instant of greatest eclipse (08:17 UT) the Moon lies near the zenith for observers in southern California and Baja Mexico. CLIP –

More details also through


Not only that, but there will also be a full moon on that same day…

A Dance for Two Full Moons
A full Moon will take place at the winter solstice (Alban Arthan). To add to the excitement, the Moon at the winter solstice is a total lunar eclipse! For those who live in the southern hemisphere, the full Moon will take place at the moment of the summer solstice (Alban Hefin). This makes for exciting ritual possibilities and astrological delight. During a full Moon, the Sun and Moon are opposite one another, which allows us to see the Moon in her complete glory as she rises at sundown. When this coincides with high points of the Sun’s journey, there is sure to be extra energy and opportunity for a connection between Earth and sky. (…) The Moon is in the high energy sign of Aries and keeps company with Uranus and Jupiter who urge us to new and expanded visions of what we may be as individual people and as a species. Here we are at a significant time of year with a celestial invitation to imagine in new forms and patterns.

Song I’m playing for this Winter Solstice season:

from the album The Gray Race
Lyrics by Bad Religion

Blacktop pavement cover me
Like a chemical reaction or a steam roller
Spreading randomly

There’s a distant buzz and a low frequency
It tickles my ear, it rumbles under my feet
And it shakes the leaves off every tree
What pretension! Everlasting peace
Everything must cease

Institution on the Hill
Like a beacon in the mind of an ancestor
To ignite a people’s will

There’s a shadowed stain on the west facade
It has spread like decay to enshroud the fraud
And the descendants find it oh so odd
(Oh so odd)
What pretension! Everlasting peace
Everything must cease

Grave memorial hewn white stone
Like the comforting caress of a mother
Or a friend you’ve always known

It evokes such pain and significance
What was once is reduced to remembrance
And the generations pass without recompenses
What pretension! Everlasting peace. Everything must cease.

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