A Time of Detoxing Part I

This post is for the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn Equinox September 22, 2021. For friends in the Southern Hemisphere, this would be appropriate in March at your Aut Eq.


Nature doesn’t resist change. It is an integral part of her hibernation and rebirth cycles. The transition from summer to autumn on September 22, is an Equinox–when day and night are of equal length. It’s time to remember that moment of the equinox as an earth cycle balance point. Extend the concept of balance to yourself by using some detoxing tools.

Nature surrenders to change as the autumn wind begins to blow, leaves drift from the trees, animals prepare for deep sleep and save food. What changes are you making to prepare during the Darktime for the next cycle, at spring when you again metamorphosize into your rebirth?

It’s understandable to be uncomfortable with change. We feel safe in what’s predictable. In autumn we have an opportunity to reflect on our priorities. Prepare to let go of what’s extraneous as we cycle into the Darktime.


Can you let go of any beliefs, resentments, or relationships which no longer serve you?

Ask yourself:

*** What’s my baggage?
*** How can I release it?
*** What one thing can I release this Autumn Equinox to lighten my spirit?

Use this time to reflect on the Goddesses Demeter and Persephone; Demeter in her grief as Persephone returns to the underworld as Queen. How can you be as Demeter in your personal grief over what you have lost in the last cycle? How can you be as Persephone/ Kore as Queen of your personal underworld? Where is the balance point between your inner and outer lives?


Also at this harvest time, give thanks.

*** What people in your life are you grateful for?
*** What is worth celebrating in your life or your community right now?
*** What projects or works can you feel satisfaction or completion with gratitude?

Set a special intention of balance:
I am connected to nature’s cycles of light and dark, in perfect alignment within my body and mind at this Equinox moment.

There is never a reason to inject yourself
with industrially manufactured chemicals
and nanotechnology.

Ways of Detoxing

A detox doesn’t have to be a complete change of any part of your life but can be useful in looking at things to adjust, getting both mind and body benefits out of your detox plan.

About timing
This detox doesn’t have a strict time frame. My intuit has always said to get it done before Samhain because a part of my detox is a preparation for communing beyond the veil, with ancestors.

This first installment is about preparing your spirit and mind to receive the energies of the AUT EQ to support you in your path to more balance and support you in the changes you want to make.

Time to align with your own true nature and the deeper calling of your soul.Time to get out of your own way and let Goddess guide you.


As usual, detox your mind with meditation and breath work, focusing on balance and alignment at AUT EQ as you enter into the Darktime.

* A Digital Detox: a digital timeout is an excellent mental mind break, give your mind a break by scheduling some digital detox hours every day after work or at least on the weekends.

* NOTE: The “blue light” from screen devices before bedtime may affect melatonin production and lead to trouble sleeping.

* At this particular Aut Eq, part of digital detox could be taking a break from media, from all the fear porn related to Covid19.

Early treatment options for Cov19 have been suppressed
and censored to promote mass vaccination.

In the next segments, we’ll explore detoxing:
emotions, for balance.
body, with tea recipes.
physical environment, using a diffuser and EOs.

LOOK FOR my upcoming special post
about Your Immune System, the ultimate toxin eliminator,
with news from Frontline Doctors and others
about supportive strategies for COV19.