A Time of Detoxing Part III

December 1, 2021

Here’s Part III of Autumn Detox, as we move closer to the Winter Solstice.

For empaths and sensitive people major changes can be uncomfortable. We feel safe in what’s predictable. This time of year gives us the opportunity to go deep within to reflect on our priorities and enables us to let go of what’s extraneous.

All these detox tools are part of self-care.

Self-Care Mantras

My self-care is supporting me to be my best self.
In caring for myself, I am better able to care for others.

Encourage yourself to get on with detox and changes with some mantras or chanting.
Create a personal “mantra” that will keep you focused every day/week on your chosen detox tools for healing.

It also helps to remember that self-care doesn’t have to be massively time-consuming. It is achieved with small, daily steps, for example, taking one half-hour for yourself at the beginning and/or end of the day to meditate, journal, or create. It could be a weekly 1hr meditation or ritual on the balance coming from detoxing.

Making some small gesture towards detoxing for balance at this time of year, will pay off for you and the ones you love.

Earlier, in Part 1, we were Exploring Priorities with questions related to releasing baggage.

Consider this…

If masks and vaccines actually work, then how is an unvaxxed or unmasked person a threat to a vaxxed and masked person?

Here are some questions for exploring self – care: 

From an article On Self-Care
By Natalie Ledwell

……If you’re open to a new way of self-care that will shift your mindset, ask yourself some questions for a healthier and happier you:

~~~ What am I not saying, that needs to be said?

~~~ Do I feel unheard or left out in any area of my life?

~~~ What fear am I avoiding facing?

~~~ Do I use situations to grow and evolve or to beat myself up?

~~~~ Have I said something gentle and loving to myself in the last hour or even day?

Self-care sometimes means taking a deep, long breath. Sometimes it’s just shutting down your computer. Sometimes it’s a good cry and other times it’s going deeper into your core and facing your fears………
Sometimes it’s when you walk away from a toxic, abusive person or situation.

Consider this…

Noah was labeled a conspiracy theorist…until it started raining.


Working with Incenses

The air quality and components effects your media detox, your mind detox and emotional balance mentioned earlier.

*** Smudging your space with sage, frankincense resin or other clearing incense like rue or banishing can give you a head clearing happy place moment.

*** A resin incense or herbal powder on charcoal is a good focusing tool because you must tend it.

~~~~RESIN INCENSES produce a lot of smoke so start with a small piece or two.

Frankincense – for purification, spirituality and is associated with the Sun.

Myrrh – frequently blended with frankincense as it has similar propertie; also used for healing and attraction.

Copal – most often burned for purification, and spiritual cleansing.

Dragon’s Blood – can be burned for love, strength, and courage. Adds potency to any spellwork.

*Special note about CAMPHOR for Cleansing and Clearing
FROM: https://www.originalbotanica.com/blog/

Though camphor can be produced from plants, it is not, itself, a plant. It is actually an aromatic component of many different herbs, including the camphor laurel, camphor basil, rosemary, and kapur tree. When refined, it becomes a pale, waxy, almost crystalline material with a very strong odor…..

For more general divination, combine a little camphor with some anise seed, and burn on charcoal to help boost your psychic abilities. This can aid you whether you are scrying, casting runes or bones, drawing tarot cards, or other divination method. Some practitioners find it particularly useful for bringing prophetic or lucid dreams.<<<

Consider this…

Things are getting uncovered….. We must hold each other tight & continue to pull back the veil.


Diffusing EOs –
Using a diffuser with some EOs for relaxing or invigorating, it’s all great detox.

A wax melter with a candle or a plug-in style will scent the air environment, in a hallway for gradual, long-lasting scent. Wax melts come in many scents and you can add some drops of EOs to them for an added layer of scent.

EOs for Diffusing

The Finest Essential Oils Gathered from Around the World. Bottled By Hand in North Carolina.


Eucalyptus: purifying and invigorating
Ginger: stimulate the appetite
Juniper Berry: restoring and supporting benefits
Lavender: promotes a calm and relaxed feeling
Lemon: refreshing and cheering
Peppermint: refreshing and cooling
Rosemary: clarifying
Sage: warming effects
Spearmint: refreshing and cooling
Tea Tree: support immune system health
Ylang Ylang: relax both the mind and body


***** Use drops of Frankincense with warm water to clean and deodorize any room or surface in your home.

***** Make your own scented body-soothing lotion by mixing a few drops of Sage, Ylang Ylang or Lavender with an unscented lotion.

***** For clearing your throat, add one or more drops of Frankincense and Clove to a carrier oil and massage onto your neck and chest. Be sure to add to your diffuser, too!

***** For respiratory or lung issues, try eucalyptus, pines, and firs.

***** Roll on bottles with your chosen EOs and a carrier can be convenient to keep in pocket or pack. A Lavender/Spearmint blend is chill time.

***** Make a spray bottle- I start with a bottle of rose/lavender/herbal water that I made in large container. Then I use some to make a cleansing, protection, blessing spray to cleanse aura and recenter.

Consider this…

UC study finds similarities in COVID viral loads between vaccinated AND unvaccinated people (KTXL, Oct. 6)

Salt Bowls

The Cleansing Power of Salt Bowls

In corners of room, by front and back doors and at the foot of your bed, place small bowls of cleansing salt mixes for more environmental detoxification.

I use a mix of sea salt with pink Himalayan salt for my salt bowls. Then add herbs, spices, EOs to the salt such as:
juniper berries, rosemary, rue, bay leaves for protection
cloves and peppercorns, to banish negative energy.
few drops of tea tree, lavender, or thieves blend EOs
cut up lemons or limes and set them in the salt.

As I mix and place the bowls, I speak my intention,“May this salt mix cleanse the energy of my space with protection from negativity.” Sometimes I write my intention and place it under the bowl as well.

Put salt bowls in the corners of a room to create a healing grounding space!
By front and back door is also excellent for clearing.
Sprinkle salt from one bowl into the corners of your room, on your windowsills, across a doorway.
Sprinkle a bit of your salt over carpet, wait an hour or so then vacuum.

When the energy of the salt bowl doesn’t feel cleansing anymore, either tip it into the trash, or flush it. Toss at Darkmoon time then refresh at New Moon.

Tiny Bit about CRYSTALS

This would be a great time to call your stone friends together for a cleansing detox, too!

Add some to your SALT BOWLS, or your roll-on, spray bottle, or program one for healing as you explore the SELF-CARE Questions…

You don’t need more crystal info from me, so just 2 things:

*** Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD: “You may want to consider Unakite. It´s a slow-acting stone that needs to be on your person (except when cleansing it; get 2 or more so you can rotate them for cleansing.) It greatly assists the process of physical and emotional detoxification.”

*** Here’s a link to a PDF about crystals and gems related to the moon’s cycles:

Consider this…

NYTimes reported:
An unvaccinated child has lower risk of COV19 than vaccinated 70-year-old,

On spiritual alignment

possible goal of detoxing, paraphrasing from
2021 Lisa Renee – Energetic Synthesis.com

… natural law…. unity consciousness … as a personal value system in our lifestyle, the synchronicities of Spirit appear to help us achieve our objectives, which are the byproduct of our spiritual alignment.

The goal is not to create hardships or abandon everything in our lifestyle, but to examine personal belief systems and determine what is no longer necessary, to remove physical attachments so that you can be neutral whether you have something or do not have something.

…reflect on the things you need to clear from your life and that which your conscious energy should stop supporting because it’s obsolete, wasteful or harmful. Be willing to identify and feel emotional connections made with egoic attachments and be willing to refocus and detach from the need to have those things, placing trust in your material needs being met and being grateful for what you do have in the moment.

So by now you must be feeling that detox thang happening for you and your home space. I hope you have enjoyed this exploration into the myriad ways of detoxification. Continue to explore and blessings on your journey.

BB,  Lupa

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