By ~Zacciah Blackburn

Tho this was written regarding and before 2012, it is still SEKHMET relevant today.


“Sekhmet is a wisdom holder of ancient Egyptian lineages. She has appeared to a growing number of individuals worldwide, often in visionary states, to help illumine and guide them into profound awareness of who they truly are, often pointing to their ancient origins, as well as offering witness to deep and, often, moving practices, to assist both in their individual awakening, as well as the profound changes we are undergoing, collectively, at this time in human history.

Many of us have felt compelling interest in the ancient Egyptian mysteries, often for reasons not easily understood. Just seeing images of the ancient sites, or mystical beings of Egypt, can create strong visceral reactions. The names themselves may awaken ancient memory and understanding, perhaps through the deep cellular memories of past lives we carry within our being. Thoth, Hat’or, Isis, Ra, Horus, and countless others of the Egyptian Pantheon, have, also, appeared to many, in inexplicable visitations or “subtle realm” experiences, often during meditations, dreams, and spiritual journeys. These visits often awaken hidden or dormant realms of understanding, and innate wisdom, and can guide us to the authenticity and benevolence of our Greater Divinity, assisting us in experiencing who we truly are, and why we are here.

Sekhmet has a remarkable ability to assist us in these ways of understanding, of viewing, and living in the world, thriving in our inherent Grace, as well as in deepening understanding of how we may come into, and sustain, heightened and awakened states of consciousness. If we are to make this transformation to “ascended” consciousness, then we, each, have to do our part to come into this awakened/illumined state within ourselves. Sekhmet is a powerful ally in this work.
She is the Lion Headed Goddess of ancient Egypt, and holds key understanding of the dual nature of the Divine Feminine aspects of Creation. Her name, literally, means the Powerful One. She was seen as the great Cosmic Mother, the great nurturer, as well as a fierce warrior and protectorate of the Divine nature of Self, and the rightful path for living in one’s authenticity and integrity.
She was said to open her wings each night to envelope us in the great canopy of the night sky. The Milky Way was her life-giving milk, flowing down through the galaxy, and into the Nile River, bringing life giving water to the Egyptian culture. It is she whom would be seen as the underlying primal life force of all life. This life force, called Sekhem, is that which makes things erect. Sekhem is the life force within everything, from the stem of a plant rising and budding, to the rising primal life force within us, giving us breath and life. We might be more familiar with some of the Hindu terms for this, such as Shakti, or, Kundalini.
Interestingly, the name Sekhem is derived from Sekhmet’s name. It is said that Shakti, the Hindu name for the primordial Cosmic mother, and this underlying life force, is derived from Sekhem. Thus, there may be a direct relationship between the Hindu Shakti, and the Egyptian Sekhmet. Shakti, and Kundalini, are paramount to Hindu understanding of the nature of our spiritual creation, being and development, and often brought to Western understanding through such practices as Yoga and sacred chant. Thus, an understanding of the fundamental and potent nature of this Egyptian Divine Mother may be closer to our subtle awareness than we might have imagined.

Sekhmet’s name, the powerful one, means “to be able,” or, “one who is able.” (See Sekhmet’s Names here: She is known to teach in ways which enable us to come into, and understand, our true nature and this Rightful Way of Living. This is not a code of ethics so much as an empowerment of self understanding and integration, which awakens one’s own awareness of how we must conduct ourselves within the world to achieve a state of balance, harmony, wisdom, and fully awakened being. It is time we come into this awakened understanding, as we approach the evolutionary changes of human consciousness so many are speaking of, often regarding the year “2012.”

More and more indigenous wisdom keepers and other leaders in the fields of human consciousness are clearly stating, that that time is now. The shift we are waiting for, has already occurred. It certainly is more beneficial, rather than awaiting or focusing on 2012, to bring our focus at this time, upon who we truly are, and how we are living at this time and place, to conduct our self, and then possibly others, into this awakened state. It is most beneficial to be mindful of our actions and experiences in the world, to bring our current state of being into the harmony and alignment with the higher state of harmony of all Creation, and that which we would expect to see within our self, “after” the shift. For it is only through seeding Right Action now that the fruit of right action can take root and bear fruit in any future time.

Sekhmet holds key elements of illumination in this understanding of how to awaken, hold, and sustain illuminated states of our being. In this time of universal awakening of the human spirit, she is a profoundly powerful ally for embodying one’s fullest integrity, authority, and Divine Wisdom. It is we who are the true caretakers and creators of this awakening. Yet, for those whom look for the path of clarity and true abundance within one’s being, Sekhmet is an aspect of our consciousness which is able to empower us with Authentic Being, which brings the fruit of this understanding.<>

Sekhmet carries a key to the Sacred Chord, the Staff of Life, which the Egyptians refer to as our Djed. Hindu, Taoists, and Buddhists might refer to this, the central axis of our being, as the Secret Channel, Pranic Tube, or Central Channel. It is the foundation upon which our Chakra energy system, or (Egyptian) Seals, is built upon. Our entire being, and the many subtle energy vessels we contain, are held and most often accessed along this Central Channel. This is, yet, another concept which was most likely passed to the East from the ancient cultures of Egypt, whom wrote the earliest known treatises on such mysteries, and are known to have carried many such teachings to the East, including migrations to the Indus Valley of India.
Sekhmet holds potentized keys for upright living, through activation and harmonization of the central channel, and the chords of light within it, the Seals, or chakras, as well as the Ba, the eighth Seal, the seat of our Divine Soul. She is often seen carrying the Ankh, the Egyptian Cross, a symbol representing, or containing the mysteries of Life. She often also carries a staff, a symbol of Awakened Authority and Being, signifying the power of claiming one’s Own Dominion through upright living and the illuminated Djed. It is often seen in Egyptian art with the two serpentine vessels of our Divine Masculine and Feminine forces of balance wrapped about the staff, or Djed. This is the Caduceus of modern medicine, attributed to Hippocrates, yet also derived from Egypt.

Sekhmet is a force which fiercely protects this rightful way of being, the inner holy ground of one’s true Divine nature and being. Once one enters into this authentic nature of being, one holds Dominion over the self, and no foreign being, entity, or consciousness has the ability to invade or deplete our being. All of the concerns in the modern consciousness movement of “other forces” which we have to clear or protect ourselves from, becomes meaningless in this awakened state. One living in harmony with universal law has all components of universal being at one’s disposal. It is clear, precise, and without question.

When one initiated in these understandings of illumination assists us, often utilizing simple meditative practices to build subtle awareness, and calling these wisdom carriers forward through sacred sound or other simple practices of alignment, we can often enter these subtle realms of consciousness, more readily bridge these other worlds of illumination, what the Tibetans would call the subtle “realms of pure sound and light,” and make direct contact with the knowledge and wisdom the Ancient Ones carry. When properly attuned, sacred sound can also be a vessel to carry the vibrational imprint of these wisdom carriers, to illumine and awaken us even more profusely, to their profound wisdom, and to our Divine being.”

Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, international teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, VT.
Zacciah is the Director of Education for the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, and Co-founder and Director of the All One Now Network, an international organization devoted to world peace and transformation.  He is an initiate and carrier of the wisdom of Sekhmet, as well as others of the Egyptian, and other ancient lineages, and empowered to convey these teachings through his practices.