Here’s some info for June 2021 from

Planetary Calendar .com

6/14 Saturn SQ Uranus- get the old debris out of the way and let the new energy in.

6/20 Solstice-Sun to Cancer; Scorpio Moon and Jupiter in Pisces form Grand Trine- Water

6/22 Merc turns direct (sigh of relief)

6/24 Full Moon Cancer – may lack focus

6/29 Sun trine Moon supported by Jupiter and Neptune… time of deep spiritual experiences shared by many people

re Gemini; adopt that ‘what, me worry’ ‘tude; watch for those repeating tapes in your head; in your chart, check 3rd house for what gets stuck in your head

Eclipse Sandwich – June 2021
 June 3, 2021 By Jacqueline 

Eclipse Sandwich – June 2021
Eclipse Sandwich Seeds of Inquiry Where may I find an opening into the quiet within me? What are the new connections and information coming into my life now? What is unraveling and what is being revealed? What needs conscious confrontation in my life? How may I simplify as the input of stimulus intensifies? The sun, the moon and the planets are your allies in seeking truth. They offer parameters, milestones and timing. They open doors – if you are willing to step through the threshold to deeper understanding and self-acceptance. I welcome your inquiry as we stand at the crossroads. I offer navigation in the mystery through astrology and tarot. With Love, Jacqueline
FROM: The Power Path
By Lena Stevens

The best advice for this month is to stay out of resistance to the process as well as any outcome. If you are holding on to an expectation about how things will turn out, it is best to release that attachment so you can take advantage of what is coming available in the opportunities you may not yet be aware of.
 If you can stay neutral and out of resistance, you will become more resilient and adaptable to what is already happening. Change is here. Get with the program or get left behind.

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