For Sisterhood of the Moon
With Healing Notes and Optional Healing Focus Areas

Check date and time at the Sisterhood Google Group.  
Hope you’re doing ok.
We all could use an extra burst 
of healing energy now.
Join in this collective sending 
of healing energy to 
Sisterhood of the Moon family.

FOR Sisterhood of the Moon family
Our time for sending healing energy will be:
— Check the Google Group for Date and Time

Please join in for as long as you want 
to connect. When peep come together 
in meditation for Distant Healing, 
the energy is multiplied.

I will be lighting a special 
Healing Candle. Create a ritual space, 
light incense, candles, etc. if you’d like. 
Add a pulse with drums or rattles.

This healing working 
does not require that you 
submit any names, 
locations or other information.

Our Focus
We will all be using this Primary Focus:
“I focus on sending healing 
to all who need or want it 
in the Sisterhood of the Moon family."

Sometimes I’ll add OPTIONAL areas of 
focus at the bottom of the post
Or they may be in a post on the Google
Add any of these if they resonate 
with you or make up 
focus areas of your own.

As you are closing your healing time, 
extend the healing energy out 
to the embrace of Gaia.

If you would like more information 
about sending distant healing energy, 
go here:
Distant Healing Tips
If you have questions or comments email me at: [email protected] See you in next Healing Circle! BB,  Lupa

Living in joy and freedom is our birthright.
It is the natural state of our soul!
Let's focus on embracing these intentions for ourselves and requesting that these be embrace
by people everywhere:
Express gratitude.
Remember self-acceptance.
Focus on accomplishments. 
Be less judgmental 
of self and others.
Trust our discernment.
Maintain a sense of humor.

Goddess Blessings and Healing to all.