Dear Circle Friends –

This is a time when Big Healing is needed.

If there is a special scheduled Distant healing, this page will help you to connect.

My distant healing technique comes from Reiki and from an Edgar Cayce method in which the details of the illness, disease or issue do not need to be spelled out. The point is to send healing energy to the essence of the problem, the “root cause”.

Please participate by connecting in astral group meditation for sending healing. Add chanting, drumming, making music, dancing… as you wish.

Here are some suggestions for connecting and participating:
  • Make note of the date and time of our meditation.
  • I usually set a time frame of 2 hours for healing meditation so that you may check-in when you are able and for as long as you are able. This is more like a wave of healing meditation energy rather than a synchronous sending.
  • If you have taken a Reiki II class, you could send the symbols out with your intent.
  • Make a list of the people in your life who need healing now. Include them as you send healing energy out.
  • Find a quiet zone for doing the meditation and sending healing energy.
  • Use your own technique to ground and then go to a meditative state.
  • Say the Primary Focus, the intent of the meditation and sending of healing energy.
  • “I focus on sending healing to all who need or want it in ……..”
  • Add your own personal intentions.
  • Begin focusing on sending healing energy; chanting, drumming, rattling, dancing can be used here.
  • Know deep within yourself that you are capable of sending healing energy. Everyone has this ability.
  • As you are closing your time sending healing energy, extend it out to the embrace of Gaia.
  • Ground yourself and drink water when you are finished.

Having trouble grounding? 
Put a bit of salt on your tongue or prepare a special Grounding Crystal to hold  whenever you need to reconnect to Gaia.

Sending healing energy is good for you, those you send to and for Gaia.

Looking forward to meeting in an astral healing circle with Circle Sisters.

BB,  Lupa


Beltane Fairy