Winter Solstice

Northern Hemisphere

WEDNESDAY 12/21 1:49PM
The Henge


Since ancient times,
People have been aware of the rhythms of the earth and the sky.
We have watched the passage of the seasons and the stars.
And we have always known that we are part of these cycles.
The cycles of nature.
The cycles of the universe.

In December,
The most dark and quiet time of the year,
The sun appears to stop for several days on either side of the solstice
Making the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.
It is during this time that humans have always participated in rituals
That acknowledge our place within these great events…

Among the European tribal peoples,
The winter solstice, Yule, marked the center of the time
When the way to the other world lay open.
It was then that humans might be visited by the supernaturals –
The spirits of the ancestors and the spirits of nature.

Among the Hopi,
The winter solstice ceremony is called Soyal.
A critical transition marked by the cooperative efforts
Of humankind and the supernaturals.
It is distinguished by the appearance of the Kachinas –
The spirits of the ancestors and the spirits of nature.

Among the Zuni,
The winter solstice, Itiwana, is the generative center of all space and time.
It is then that the most elaborate and vitally important ceremonies occur
Tek’ohannanne is their word for light… and for life.
This is the time when the light returns.
The time of the coming of the gods.

So tonight,
We too will acknowledge our place within the great mystery.
We too will find the still point between the breathing in
And the breathing out of the universe –
We will find again the quiet, holy place that exists in the other world.
We will go there to sit still, in the midst of our busy lives,
To celebrate our endings and beginnings,
And to reestablish contact
With the powerful and benevolent spirit friends
That reside there.

Hank Wesselman, copyright
RIP Hank


Prepare to receive the Solar Radiance of the Winter Solstice with this revisioning of the xian advent countdown to 12/25.

Begin 13 days before Winter Solstice; for 2022 that’s THURSDAY 12/8.

Ground and center yourself. Since this is about darkness, don’t light candles.

HECATE  (see note below*)


“ HECATE, today I honor the darkness within. I acknowledge and begin to release my feelings of ______.”

Allow yourself to honor whatever comes up IN THE MOMENT. Keep it focused on ONE WORD such as grief, anger, fear, shame, doubt, unworthiness, victimization, depression, self-loathing, jealousy…

Each day repeat the process, working with whatever comes up in the moment. If one particular feeling comes up more than once, that’s ok. You may even find that you need to work with one particular feeling for the entire 13 days.

For more ideas about what part of Your Shadow to work with
see 13 Shadow Archetypes by Aletheia at:

Thank Hecate on the 13th day.

*Hecate’s Gifts

​She is gifted with farsightedness, the ability to see in several directions at once (even the past, present, and future). This talent featured largely in her most famous myth, the abduction of Persephone. For it was the goddess Hecate who could see what had become of her and inform her frantic mother, Demeter.

​The goddess Hecate continued to play an important role in the life of Persephone, becoming her confidante when she was in the Underworld. Thankful for their friendship, Hades was more than hospitable, honoring Hecate as a prominent and permanent guest in the spirit world. 

This had the effect of enhancing her reputation as a spirit of black magic with the power to conjure up dreams, prophecies, and phantoms. Hecate’s ability to see into the Underworld, the “otherworld” of the sleeping and the dead, made her comfortable and tolerant in the company of those who most would shun out of fear or misunderstanding.

On Winter Solstice

On WEDNESDAY 12/21 1:49PM time Sol enters Cap, ground and center yourself, light a candle and say:
“SEKHMET, I am ready to receive
Solar Radiance into my life!”
See below for info about Sekhmet.
Celebrate both the sun’s rebirth and your own!

Astrol note: Look for that Sun Jupiter Square to make things happen on the 21st as the Sun enters Capricorn.



Her Name is derived from the Egyptian word ‘Sekhem’,
which means “power” or “might”.

The word ‘sekhem’ is literally inseparable
from Sekhmet and Her worship.

The mantra Sa Sekhem Sahu can be chanted
to balance and increase your inner power.

Sa Sekhem Sahu is pronounced
Sa (Sah) , Sekhem (Say-Kem) , Sahu (Sah-Hoo).

Sa means the breath of life;
Sekhem means power or might;
Sahu is the realized human.

Upcoming Jan 2023
7 Days of Rest
January 1–7 an annual, open co-creative event dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. All are invited to enjoy the rich array of offerings, including wisdom teachings, meditations, music, inspirations and more, that are generously offered by the global community.

“This is the time to engage in individual, ancestral, and collective healing,
and be part of the collective healing journey of humanity.”
— Thomas Hübl

“If you have yet to notice, a primary theme of the last three-plus years
(at least) is ‘freedom vs. control’,
so it’s not hyperbole to suggest that the future must be decentralized
if we want to ensure our children grow up in a free world.”
~~ Dr. Mercola

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Red Pill Directory

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