Pluto Square Eris is in effect from now until the end of 2021


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>>> When Eris was discovered in 2005, a gigantic Pluto-sized Dwarf planet, astronomers called it Xena. Then they settled upon Eris, the Goddess of Strife. In the stories, she seemed to be in a perpetual snit because of not being invited to some patriarchal event. Screw that. Some pushed for it to be called Persephone but that name was already in use, attached to an asteroid 399.

But I see Eris as Persephone, the victim turned Queen of the Underworld. The most modern version of her story – where she was carried off by Pluto – is but the latest version. In ancient times, she was a Change Goddess, a chthonic deity like Pluto and one of her many titles was “the Mistress.”

When You See Eris, Think Persephone, Queen Of The Underworld, Shadow Boss and Change Goddess

So Pluto Square Eris is in effect from now until the end of 2021. It is a catalyst for next-level feminism and women’s rights. I actually typed ‘rites’ but corrected it.

As Pluto moves slowly and Eris even more so, their alignments are rare. Here they are and alongside the significant historical events that occurred with them, at least the ones pertaining to women.
Reminder – Pluto Square Eris stays/stayed in effect for the year before and after the exact date.

Pluto Eris Aspects Timeline And Dates:

Pluto Conjunct Eris – @18° Sagittarius – December 1756: The last (official) witch execution…. <<<