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This 11:11 Portal Journey with Isis is another cosmic entryway, as was the SummerSolstice Portal with Sekhmet…..

Breath deep. Ground yourself.
Release unnecessary energies from your emotional and spiritual bodies now.

Another deep breath…
as you prepare to step through the 11:11Portal,

in the Dark Moon time of this #11 month.

Call upon Isis, Great Mother of Transformations, to support you on your journey.

Isis, Winged Goddess, Mother of All!
Be with me as I journey through the 11:11 Portal
for my empowerment through my Heartlight
for being always with the best ways on my path.

11:11 Portal of ONENESS in sacred geometry .
A doorway between realms,
the veils are still thin.

Isis supports you in stepping through the 11:11 Portal to open to even more Heartlight healing vibrations in Unity with all that is.

In mythology, the sacred geometry of 11:11 calls us to be in union with the Divine, with Isis, moving towards greater and finer balance and harmony.

Feeling your Heartlight, you remember yourself as the sovereign powerful spiritual being woman you are,
coming into putting your truth and wisdom out into the world.

The vibration of Essence flowing throughout, touches your Heartlight at the entrance to the 11:11 Portal, Isis welcomes you within.

As you venture deeper into the Portal, open to new dimensions of intuition, expansion of creativity, ancient wisdom, and embodiment on your path.

11:11 also carries the codes of liberation, 

shedding old habits,
clearing negativity, releasing karmic ties
and stepping in to something new,
transforming the old and
self into a new empowered being woman.

Isis assists you in bringing these energies into your life now, connecting to your Heartlight,
awakening to an initiation.

The 11:11 Portal is yet another step to claiming sacred power by understanding on the deepest level the lessons and knowledge to be gained from the life circumstances before you.

You are authentically a Heartlight being, a spiritual being woman in physical form awakening to higher truth,
to expanded consciousness,
to greater vibrational frequencies
and love
that are available from Essence now.

Isis supports each of us as individuals in choosing to receive these energies
for transformation,
claiming sacred power,
touching your Heartlight.

So mote it be within this 11:11 Portal.

Hail Isis!

Trancechannelled from original thoughts written by:
Melanie Beckler www.Ask-Angels.com
and Bridget Nielsen <[email protected]>


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