I like to use these as seed thoughts in my Book of Shadows.



These laws were rewritten and updated
from the ancient texts by 9 Temple
of Isis Priestesses travelling in Egypt from
Nov. 22 to Dec. 22, 1995.

I honor virtue. 

I benefit without conflict. 

I am non-violent. 

I respect the property of others. 

I affirm that all life is sacred. 

I give offerings that are genuine and generous. 

I live in truth. 

I hold sacred those objects consecrated to the Divine. 

I speak the truth. 

I consume only my fair share. 

I speak words of good intent. 

I relate in peace. 

I honor animals as sacred. 

I can be trusted. 

I care for the earth. 

I keep my own council. 

I speak positively of others. 

I remain in balance with my emotions. 

I am trustful in my relationships. 

I hold purity in high esteem. 

I spread joy. 

I do the best I can. 

I communicate with compassion. 

I listen to opposing opinions. 

I create harmony. 

I invoke laughter. 

I am open to love in various forms. 

I am forgiving. 

I am non-abusive. 

I act respectfully of others. 

I am non-judgemental. 

I follow my inner guidance. 

I speak without disturbing others. 

I do good. 

I give blessings. 

I keep the waters pure. 

I speak with optimism. 

I praise the Goddess. 

I am humble. 

I achieve with integrity. 

I advance through my own abilities. 

I embrace the all.


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