At The Regency in SF

It’s not easy for me to go to shows alone anymore since I’m 56, my back is fkd, crowds can freak me out… yup, I’m kinda crabby old misanthrope. But I took some pain pills (whoopee!) and cranked up BR on my headphones in preparation.

I’ve been a BR fan many years but never managed to get to a show. Finally, Sept08 I made it and it was awesome to me. I had no previous shows to compare it to, although I could compare it to the Palladium show on the DVD but that doesn’t seem fair. I sure wasn’t expecting any piano solo!

Could someone tell me if we are supposed to assume that Mr. Brett will NOT be at shows? I know he has commits at Epitaph but I was disappointed he wasn’t there at SF Show. I think he really holds up the background vocals/chorus, yes?

I know it’s tacky to attempt to talk to performers before a show but I saw Greg Hetson walking across the ballroom before anything started so I had to go over and say hi. He’s one of my alltime punk guitar favorites cuz of his BR work and Circle Jerks. He was very cordial to me.

Somehow I managed to get myself positioned at the barrier directly in front of Hetson’s stage space when the second band finished. (I think they were a good solid punk outfit but I was too excited about BR to make an assessment or remember their name.) My back said, “Are you sure about this?” I said, “Yup, I’m here til I’m ready to explode or puke.” I hung on to the barrier and it was GREAT! There is nothing like being in that mass of rabid fans, all screaming the lyrics with Greg, once in awhile eye contact with the performers. Greg points at me. Fans near me poke me to sing the chorus with them. Hetson shreds; does his happyjump, mouths some lyrics. Jay and Brian are doing their bit at the other end. Sounds good on Atomic Garden solospeech. Brooks is cranking it out ( luckiest man on earth gets to play with BR AND DEVO!) hunched over intense; can’t see him much. 

It was a fine time for me with BR. My head has been full of BR songs since the show!

Thanx, BR and thanx to all the fans who were there over in my territory who made it something to smile about.

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