For Scorpio Full Moon, MAY 7, 2020

For this Scorpio FULL MOON,
I’m working with this spell:
“Petition to Drink from the Vessel of Truth.”

Opening 3rd Eye and focusing on an area in my life
that I would like to have more clarity, wisdom and knowledge.

*** Prepare a chalice of wine, water, Calistoga etc.

In this time of great uncertainty 
with heavy layer of fear all around,
I seek clarity of the world situation.
This intense anxiety 
weakens the immune system 
and puts everyone at more risk.
There has been confusion, 
lies and deceit about this lockdown.
I seek clarity by the bright 
and luminous Scorpio moon.
Hail, Luna!

Seers often petitioned the divine powers
to help them deepen and develop
their abilities.
Here is a traditional charm
used to obtain the power
to drink from the vessel of truth:

The Goddess/Gods above me,
The Goddess/Gods below me,
The Goddess/Gods before me,
The Goddess/Gods behind me.

See that I am on your path
And know that you
Are in my footsteps.

Give me eyes to see my quest
With a power that will
Never fail or dim.

Knowledge of truth, not
Knowledge of falsehood,
That I may truly see
All in my path.

From: Llewellyn Archives

Offer chalice to Goddess then drink.

Full Moon Blessings to ALL! Lupa

*** Don’t mask the truth. ***

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