I was sending this info about making Gem Elixirs (and Flower Essences) to some folks and thought I would post it over here.

The instructions mention Pearl and Rose Quartz because I originally made this elixir for a Pentacle of Pearl class.



Pearl: promotes the release of layers of irritation in the mental and emotional bodies that are seen in the physical body as hardness and inflexibility; helps one turn antagonism for oneself or one’s illness into awareness and acceptance. For emotional excitement associated with fear.

Rose Quartz: For lack of self-discipline; Fear of responsibility; Love and
inner peace. Opens, softens and soothes the heart; helps one connect to and
nurture the inner child; harmonizes the heart forces so one is able to maintain
intimacy with oneself and others.

One way in which you can use crystals to assist in healing and health is to make gemstone water or gem elixirs. The healing energy of the crystals is used to charge pure water.

Water has the fantastic ability to hold energy patterns intact for long periods of
time. Also you do not need any special equipment to imprint the healing energies of crystals on to water, just focused attention, intention and sunlight.

The term Gem elixir does not just apply to semi-precious or precious gemstones. It also includes materials such as seashells, amber or petrified wood which could be classified as being of organic origin. Gem elixirs can be used undiluted or diluted. The term Diluting may be somewhat confusing, because it is generally held that adding water to the mother or stock does not diminish the quality or effectiveness of the elixir. Whether the elixirs are used diluted or undiluted depends upon the individual. Some people feel that a person benefits best from the undiluted elixir for the first month, and later on they can be diluted. However, this can be decided for each individual.

Flower essences are made basically the same way. One carries the water into
the garden to the flower if possible. Meditate before or while selecting the flower, intuitively snipping it/them quickly and putting it into the water. It does not matter if the flower is upright or floats or not. Flower essences are ideally made in the morning around 8:45 standard time, when the dew is still fresh on them, and the flowers release a peak flow of energy for 20 to thirty minutes. You may include a clear
quartz crystal in the water for any flower essence to enhance its energy. Some people do make gem /flower essences by combining the gems and flowers together at the same time, but probably more people prefer to make each essence separately and combine them later.

How to make

Most Gem elixirs are made by placing the cleaned stone or stones chosen in a clear glass or crystal container with pure water and placing this in sunlight for several hours. Two to four hours is common, though on a very bright sunny day at noon, full charging can occur in as little as half an hour, and on overcast or cloudy days it can take much longer.

Some people keep the gemstones in the water for a minimum of an entire day (24 hours), and some people take a week to a fortnight to make an elixir, spending some time each day to mentally reinforce the intention. Conventionally made elixirs are made outside on bright sunny days. Very cloudy days are not always suitable for making most gem elixirs.

The time of day does not seem to be a critical factor in the making of gem elixirs but they are often made in the morning or at noon.

It is important to minimize your direct physical contact with the stones and water in order to keep the crystal energy from absorbing your own energy and effecting the elixir. You may wish to place and remove your stones with a spoon and you should always have a calm and focused emotional state while making elixirs, because strong emotions can effect the elixir.

There is no set requirement for the type of the container but is should be an undecorated clear glass bowl, whether it be cut glass or waterford type crystal. After the water has been charged by the gemstone, it is filtered and usually preserved with alcohol or vinegar.

To preserve an elixir, fill a container halfway with your essence and fill
the rest of the bottle with brandy or vodka or with vinegar or with half vinegar
or alcohol and pure water.

The alcohol is used to inhibit bacterial growth and may also help to ” fix” the vibration. If you intend to expand your elixir, as is done with flower essences, this would be your mother essence and you would make stock bottles by placing from three to twenty drops of mother essence in an ounce of distilled, spring or other pure water and an ounce of brandy, vodka or vinegar.

This stock essence is then used to make a dosage bottle by again adding ten to twenty drops of the stock essence to two ounces of the water and brandy mixture. This would then be the elixir or essence which you would use for treatment. The amount of water and the proportion of alcohol used as a reservative does vary somewhat among different recipes. Dark glass bottles are preferred for storing elixirs. Label your elixirs with the gem or gems used the date made, and whether it is a mother, stock or dosage bottle.

Gem elixirs are often used undiluted rather than being expanded either by drinking glasses of the charged water, or by placing two to five drops of the elixir in a glass of water or under the tongue two to four times a day. They can also be used topically on the skin or put in bath water. You can add them to sprays that you use for room or aura clearing.

Some stones should not be used to make conventional gem elixirs. Do not make a conventional elixir from any stone containing known toxins. These include but are not limited to, Copper, which would include azurite and Malachite. Orpiment is arsenic and Cinnabar contains Mercury for example.

One should always exercise extreme caution about other elixirs too, as not all books contain complete information about the physical toxins in stones. There are some books in publications which contain good information. But it always pays to check with more than one source. “Love is in the Earth” by Melody does have some mention of whether or not a stone can be used to make conventional elixirs.

It might be possible to do some real damage with elixirs made in the conventional way from some kinds of stones. Soaking the stones in water can cause the leaching of toxic components into the water.

There are also some stones which are not suitable for soaking in water, alternative methods are then to be used to make elixirs. These methods include: placing the stone
in a smaller container which is placed in the larger container of water, and placing stones around the container being charged. These are often used in combination. Some sources recommend that you have at least six stones of the same type to place around the container, others use quartz points to amplify and direct the energy of the stone you are making an elixir with into the water.

Another way to make an elixir is to hold a charged stone against the side of a glass of water and intend the crystal charge the water with its energy.This is most effective if you are skilled at focusing your intention, but is not usually as long lasting as using a conventional method, and may be more suitable for making a single glass of charged water to be used within a short time.

Many people just like to keep a quartz or amethyst crystal in the water they drink or water plants with even without further charging, this seems to improve the taste and energy of the water.

When making gem elixirs, most people select the stone or stones that are used for the issue they want to work on, but it is advisable to meditate first to receive guidance and permission from the stone spirit as to the uses of a particular elixir, or for guidance. These may not always be limited to those uses found in lists of crystal properties. Most people use gem elixirs undiluted or unexpanded, though flower essences are virtually always expanded. The dosage used is usually ten drops twice a day for a month. If need be, repeat the dosage more frequently, for example, five drops four times a day.

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