Thank Hecate on the 13th day...

Hecate, Hecate, hearken well,
 Lend your power to our spell,
 Hecate, Hecate, hearken well,
 Help us weave our magick well.
 ~~~ Kate West

How did your 13 Days of Darkness work
with Hecate go? Were you able 
to navigate
within your own inner world, pain, 
emotions to new perspectives or release?

From an empath blog:
>>> ….One of the simplest ways to face the shadow side is by admitting to our insecurities, or that which hurts us.

Admitting that we have been hurt by our past and that we are ready to let it go brings the pain out of the shadows. When facing our ‘inner-demons’, we take away their power.

That said, it is not always possible to remove all the buried pain of the shadow side. Some pain is hardwired and is part of us for a reason. It shapes us in many ways; allowing us to empathize at a deeper level.

When we accept that ‘emotional pain’ has a purpose on this journey and is not just some unfair burden that we were unfortunate enough to be saddled with, it automatically lessens the impact. <<<<<

>>>  As you let these feelings flow through your body, you will feel lighter. You will clear out room for joy. For magic. For your light and love to flow through you and out into the world, where it is so desperately needed.

Don’t deny us the shadow-banishing power of your light, of the strength of your emotion, and the finely-honed intuition that is rising in you now. We need it. We need you.

You are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined, and your power lies not in denying your emotions but in setting them free.

Big love,  Amber <<<

And now we have taken our pain 
and emotional shadows to Hecate. 
She has guided us and supported us. 

We offer our gratitude to Hecate, 
holding Her Torch in our Darkness.

We are ready to welcome the Light 
of the Winter Solstice! 
Hail, Solar Logos and
our Goddess of Flame, Sekhmet, 
on 12/21
we celebrate the rebirth 
of the Light 
and the rebirth of ourselves!  

So mote it be in Light.
~~~ Lupa

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  1. Thank you for your comment, Dora.
    May we embrace all of the energies coming in 12/21 – Solstice and Great Conjunction, for our best selves!
    BB, Lupa

  2. I experienced the release and lightness you described. Dug deep into my insecurities and resistance to “what is, what was, how it impacted me”.

    Thank you for the follow-up, positive quotes; and encouragement to reach for the Sun and Sekhmet tomorrow! Bless you and this practice!

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