December 2020

Prepare to receive the Solar Radiance 
of the Winter Solstice with this 
revisioning of the xian advent countdown 
to 12/25.

For this 2020 13 Days of Darkness 
we begin on TUESDAY DEC 8 
and end on SUNDAY DEC 20.

The Winter Solstice 
(Northern Hemisphere) 
is MONDAY DEC 21 at 2:02AM PST.
This year there will also be 
an unusual planetary alignment 
on 12/21:
Saturn - Jupiter Conjunction 
Monday, DEC 21, 10:22AM PST
(More info about 
the conjunction is found below.)

Please feel free to change 
or adapt this working to suit 
your best self!
I have added some thoughts 
from Joy Reichard below from her article 

"What’s Good About Working 
with the Shadow?"

~~~ For each of the 13 Days, 
12/8 to 12/20:

Ground and center yourself. 
Since this is about darkness, 
don't light candles.
Then say:
“HECATE, today I honor the darkness 
within. I acknowledge and 
begin releasing my
feelings of _____.”
Allow yourself to explore 
whatever comes up IN THE MOMENT. 
Keep it focused on ONE WORD 
such as grief, anger, fear, 
shame, doubt, unworthiness, 
victimization, depression, 
self-loathing, jealousy…
Each day repeat the process, 
working with whatever 
comes up in the moment. 
If one particular feeling comes up 
more than once, that's ok. 
You may even find that you 
need to work with one particular 
feeling for the entire 13 days.
Thank and honor Hecate on the 13th day.

On the Winter Solstice, MONDAY 12/21, 
[exact time Sol enters Cap is 2:02AM], 
ground and center yourself. 
Light a candle.
Say some of Sekhmet’s Names, 
or watch video of 
Lady Jesamyn reading Names 
(see Sekhmet links below), 
or chant Sa Sekhem Sahu…
“SEKHMET, Flaming One, 
Most Beautiful Light! 
On this Winter Solstice 
I am ready to receive 
Solar Radiance into my life!”
Celebrate both 
the sun's rebirth 
and your own! 
So Mote It Be.

~About Saturn - Jupiter Conjunction
Monday, DEC 21, 10:22AM PST :

FROM Jan Spiller
>>> …Saturn's conjunction to Jupiter 
in Aquarius on December 21, 2020. 
These two planets join forces 
every 20 years, but what is 
remarkable about the conjunction 
of 2020 is that it will 
usher in a new 200-year 
cycle based on air sign energy.
In many ways, I'm interpreting 
this conjunction as a light 
at the end of 2020's tunnel. 
So much of this year involves 
reflecting, revising, 
and starting over. 
With this conjunction 
at the end of the year, 
just a week after a powerful 
Solar Eclipse on December 14, 
we have a chance to start 
seeing new possibilities 
and see tangible ways 
to begin implementing them. <<<

FROM Wild Hunt
>>>  … the meeting of the two 
largest planets within our 
solar system is called 
a “great conjunction.”
Every 20 years Jupiter 
and Saturn are conjunct 
each other, the last occasion 
was in 2000. This is 
the closest the two planets 
have been in their cycle 
of conjunctions since 1623 
but the planets trailed 
the sun very closely 
and were viewable 
only briefly after sunset. 
Prior to that, 
the only other closest 
conjunction that was observable 
likely occurred in 1223.<<<

FROM EarthRising, 
David Nicol & Kate Naga
>>>  All throughout 2020, 
Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto 
have been in a 
once-in-a-thousand year 
triple conjunction in late 
Capricorn, correlating with 
enormous and relentless 
transformative pressure 
on our public institutions, 
cultural norms, 
and established ways of being. 
Our attention has been 
on the worrying breakdown 
of the old, with nary 
a glimpse of a positive vision 
for what is to come.
Thankfully, in December, 
this is set to change. <<<

FROM Joy Reichard's article 
"What’s Good About 
Working with the Shadow?"
>>> ...One of the Goddesses I hold 
in high esteem is Hecate. 
She is the Greek Goddess 
of the Underworld and 
functions as the 
Guardian of the Souls, guiding them 
to the underworld and 
back again for rebirth.
In the transpersonal 
psychology community, 
the underworld is a metaphor 
for the sub-conscious – 
that shadowy inner realm 
of our deepest thoughts, 
feelings, fears, and self-doubts. 
No one, not even the most 
accomplished, is free of this 
realm – for wherever we go, 
it goes with us.
We live in a culture, however, 
that avoids acknowledging 
uncomfortable feelings. 
There is a perception that 
to admit our feelings, 
especially those that concede 
that we are vulnerable, 
is an admission of weakness – 
that we just might be damaged goods!
Avoiding the vulnerability 
doesn’t serve you. When you push 
unwelcomed emotions underground, 
they frequently re-emerge 
with a vengeance. 
There is a saying, 
“What we resist, persists.” 
Have you experienced this? I have.
Often, in the work that I do, 
I function as a modern day Hecate! 
I guide my clients into 
the shadowy realm of their 
inner thoughts and fears. 
We dig deep to uncover those 
core issues preventing them 
from living the life 
they want and deserve. 
Often, we reframe, release, 
or heal old beliefs, 
and negative self-perceptions... 
It’s not fun working 
with these shadowy realms. 
But it can be enlightening 
and liberating... 
Doing the inner work 
frees us so that we can deal 
with the adult challenges 
we face in the 
workplace or in our relationships.<<<


* Lady Jesamyn’s video honoring Sekhmet:
Sekhmet Appellations for Leo Season•Jul 23, 2020

* Sa Sekhem Sahu with Sekhmet images 
and the LV Temple 5 mins

* Sa Sekhem Sahu with Sekhmet images 
and Sun  5 mins

* Music to Find Inner Peace | 
Attract Abundance of the Soul | 
Solar Energy of Love
about 5 hrs
>>>... find inner peace 
... raises our frequency 
to attract abundance. 
A gentle caress 
of solar energy that 
touches our own love.
The Energy of the Sun 
is what makes us feel the 
Light of the beauty of life 
that illuminates our nature 
and at night contemplates 
its rest from the wonder 
of perceiving life 
in its immensity. <<<

* Magical Desert Sunrise - 
Faran Ensemble - 4mins