Monday 2/29/2016

On Saturday we had the third in our series on Cultivating Resilience and Inner Healing. I am enjoying our time together creating, sharing and healing.

Amped-Up Self-Love

How are you doing so far with Amped-Up Self-Love? I put a heart-shaped note on my bathroom mirror as a reminder. May need another one here on my computer screen…

Decorated Supplies

Jesamyn commented on my penchant for decorating every piece and tool used in circle. I think one of my tasks as Priestess is about creating a special circle container for each workshop or ritual. Priestesses develop their own practices around this. My way of attaining this is working with every piece that will be on the altar by adding decoration that reflects the theme of the work. I also keep pieces on my home altar a few days. As I work with each piece, I imbue it with the qualities we will be invoking in the circle like self-love, chakra connection, heart opening, etc. By the time the supplies arrive at the site they are clear on their mission and I am connected at a deep level with each of them. Then, as you handle the tools in circle, that energy is passed on to all of you.

Patriarchal Dualistic Constructs

I was wondering if any of you had a reaction to the part of the Solar Plexus Meditation about the idea of having power over others and others having power over you? Did you have a negative reaction to “having power over”? We can deny our desire for “power over” but unfortunately there are institutionalized constructs that sometimes give us societal power over, i.e. “privilege.”

Those of us who are white have been given privilege as a result of racism. If you are an adult, you have been given privilege as a result of ageism. If you are heterosexual, you have been given privilege as a result of homo/transphobia.

Patriarchal society loves to set-up these dualities to keep us in conflict mode. Don’t even get me started on the “female vs male” thing! These dualistic conflicts serve patriarchy because they keep us from accepting and honoring differences so that we can come together in joyous diversity.

Once you have understood the societal privileges that you have been given, you can begin to work with your Solar Plexus to move beyond the patriarchal constructs. You can choose to follow your Soul’s Will. It is beyond the reach of patriarchy. Your Solar Plexus assists you in moving beyond the mundane reality toward a place of bigger acceptance. Empower your Solar Plexus with energy to remember that you choose to follow your Soul’s Will whenever any patriarchal construct might be influencing an interaction in your life. You and your Solar Plexus choose to honor differences and welcome joyous diversity.

That’s it for now.

We’ll keep you posted on upcoming workshops, rituals, circles and events.

Women circling…sharing…moving…releasing…creating.