MoonWomb Cycle Challenges 2021

Women are experiencing difficulties with their menstrual cycles…

Women have reported experiencing irregular bleeding/clotting after receiving one of the mRNA C- “vaccines”. …others have reported miscarriages. …. side effects: heavier, early, or otherwise irregular menstrual periods.
In February 2021, Kate Clancy, PhD, asked her Twitter followers whether any women had noticed anything odd (about their cycles) after receiving the vacc . “A colleague told me she has heard from others that their periods were heavy post-vacc,” (References will be available on my other website.)

A combination of Sacral Chakra Stones and Protective Stones may be helpful.

This information about crystals and stones is intended to be used for spiritual support and healing and is not an alternative to medical advice for health issues.

(I will post other alternative healing protection ideas relevant to this issue as I find them. Currently, most info is anecdotal.)

Cleanse and then program the stones to work together for Womb Cycle Protection.

Put a Sacral Chakra Stone and a Protection Stone in a mojo bag  and keep it on you. You can also wear a bracelet, necklace, or ring crafted of your chosen stones. Ideally, the stones should be in close contact with your body.

Sacral Chakra Stones and Crystals (Orange Stones)
Second chakra …emotional balance and creativity. It is located just below the navel and so regulates the reproductive organs. A balanced sacral chakra is important for living a healthy and creative life.

  • ▪ Carnelian
    ▪ Orange Calcite
    ▪ Tiger’s Eye
    ▪ Amber
    ▪ Orange Moonstone
    ▪ Tangerine Quartz

Protection Stones

  • ▪ Hematite
    ▪ Black Obsidian
    ▪ Tiger’s Eye
    ▪ Black Tourmaline
    ▪ Black Obsidian
    ▪ Blue Kyanite

Crystals For EMF Protection

Start with familiar self-care tools, dealing with frequencies and protection with crystals.

>>> …many people believe that crystal stones create an energy field of their own that can be used to shield against the bad effects of radiation. Certain crystals like shungite and fulgurite have a unique molecular structure that can easily absorb any EMF pollutants.<<<

Put “EMF Protection” in your Search box and it’s a long list.

Some of the pendants and other “wearables” are quite expensive.

So let’s start with something familiar – crystals. Some crystals mentioned in this article include: Fluorite, Orgonite, Black Tourmaline.

***** 8 Best Crystals For EMF Protection in 2021 

BY: EMF Guard Tips by Roland     There is also info about sources of more expensive jewelry, pyramids, sets of stones, etc.