a lighten up spell for 2020
{Could be done with kids...}

 Stuff: Faery picture to color/paint  
(use this one below or one of your own)

coloring crayons, markers or paints
small candle
Breathe in lightness and inspiration.
Breathe out new ways of self-expression.

 Color/paint your Faery picture; 
complete it at once to avoid Faery Impatience!
Think about Lightness of Being…
When done, offer it to Faeries on altar or in garden.
Ring bell, blow bubbles, light small candle.
***I invite SPONTANEITY when inspiration invites change.
***I balance my mind and heart.
***Breathing in inspiration,
Breathing out new self-expression.
***I am aware whenever inspiration battles lethargy.
***I share imagination and dreams.
***I find ways to work with larger patterns, shaping destinies in an empowering way.

“Petition to Drink from the Vessel of Truth.”
For Scorpio Full Moon, MAY 7, 2020
For this Scorpio FULL MOON,
I’m working with this spell:
“Petition to Drink from the Vessel of Truth.”

 Opening 3rd Eye and focusing on an area in my life that I would like to have more clarity, wisdom and knowledge.

 *** Prepare a chalice of wine, water, Calistoga etc. 

In this time of great uncertainty 
with heavy layer of fear all around,
I seek clarity of the world situation.
This intense anxiety 
weakens the immune system 
and puts everyone at more risk.
There has been confusion, 
lies and deceit about this lockdown.
I seek clarity by the bright 
and luminous Scorpio moon.
Hail, Luna!

The Goddess/Gods above me,
The Goddess/Gods below me,
The Goddess/Gods before me,
The Goddess/Gods behind me.

See that I am on your path
And know that you
Are in my footsteps.

Give me eyes to see my quest
With a power that will
Never fail or dim.

Knowledge of truth, not
Knowledge of falsehood,
That I may truly see
All in my path.

From: Llewellyn Archives

Offer chalice to Goddess then drink.

Full Moon Blessings to ALL! Lupa

*** Don’t mask the truth. ***